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Adam J. Batstone, Founder & CEO
Adam J. Batstone, Founder & CEO

My dad was an early riser, a hard worker, and he travelled extensively for business. As a 7 year old I started getting up extra early with him so that he and I could have breakfast together before he went off to the office or to catch a plane. Most mornings it was bacon and eggs and cereal that took up half of the space on our kitchen table, but it was often the stock charts of the business section of the Globe & Mail that took up the rest.

It was during those early morning father/son breakfasts that I got my first lessons in investing. It was where I initially became aware of money, and that the money you make can in turn make more money back for you.

I was hooked then – and now more than 35 years later I’m still hooked on that concept today. I first entered the investment industry nearly 20 years ago, with a traditional firm, providing traditional advice, giving access to traditional products that provided traditional returns. Everything checked a box and fit in a box. Often “one size fits all.”

That traditional existence is fine for many advisors and many investors – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – or so they say. But as my client base was growing in relative wealth and sophistication, so too were the expectations that they had for their money. When we would look at their financial statements, this group of clients were seeing outsized growth and investment returns created in their own privately-held assets: their businesses and real estate holdings – which in direct comparison made their “traditional portfolios” look lazy, hectic, and often out of touch.

The question then became: How can I get the same or similar experience of tax-preferred, tax-deferred, compounded growth in my investment portfolio that I see in my private business and personal real estate holdings?

It’s not that you “can’t”, but rather it’s more fair and accurate to say that it’s difficult for traditional advisors who offer traditional investment advice to provide access to the types of opportunities that mimic the experience of holding private business and real estate investments.

And that’s precisely why we started Two Sevens Capital: To transform access to wealth creation.

Two Sevens Capital - Core Values

We have big goals to achieve, and we work tirelessly to ensure the success of the business. Our focus is on Wealth Creation versus Wealth Management, and we feel that is truly what sets us apart from the common Advisor/Client relationship that you would receive at a traditional financial services firm. 

The client experience for us is at the forefront of decision making – from our Investment Offerings, to the simple communication pieces we put out. 

The main distinction between us and “the other guys” is that our clients are our partners, in the truest sense of the word. We don’t sell other people’s stuff. That’s easy to do, and that’s how most of the industry operates. We actually create the opportunities we bring forward. We are the first money in and the last money out on the deals and opportunities that we bring forward – an actual partnership. That simple act aligns our interests, which is not as common as you’d think.

We need to think differently because we have a goal of creating $1 Billion in value for our stakeholders by the year 2030.

Our firm is built on a solid set of core values that we follow as our guiding principles. It was important for us to establish the business with a strong foundation in order to provide the “different” experience we were striving for. We circle back to these values weekly.

In order to keep Two Sevens Capital true to its belief system, we measure success not only with great performance and client satisfaction, but also with the adherence to our own values. 

The root of this business can be traced back to simpler times around my childhood breakfast table. Three decades later we see an abundance of opportunity and there’s lots of room at “our table” for you to join us. 

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