Pride Marine Group: Circling the Possibilities

By Brooke Madden

“So, what was the best part of your summer?”

A traditional first-day-of-school ice breaker. Usually, the question is enthusiastically met with an activity, something like soccer games, camp, or going to the cottage. Of course, these summer staples are objectively entertaining activities. But I think why kids give these answers isn’t because of the activities themselves, but because the children are reminiscing about their experiences. It’s not about kicking the ball, it’s about cheering after winning your first game. It’s not about camp itself, it’s venturing out on your own for the first time. It’s not physically being at the cottage, it’s jumping into the cool lake on a hot day with your siblings. We start our lives off appreciating experiences. But for many of us, somewhere along the way, we lose the spark of joy that comes along with them. At Pride Marine Group, the gift of experiences has been rediscovered. The best part of their summer? Spent on the water, surrounded by loved ones, creating experiences in a place they call their own. 

Whether you’re new to the boating world, or a seasoned captain looking to expand your collection, Pride Marine Group is dedicated to making you and your family’s summer experience the best one yet. The company offers the most competitive and exclusive selection of premium boat brands in all of Ontario. They even have re-destination stations located throughout the province. Their unparalleled customer service team will cater to your every need to ensure you’re walking (or rather, floating) away with your dream purchase. 

If your ideal day on the water involves wakeboarding, the Nautique Wake Boat is probably the best for you. Whether you’re flaunting your own skills, or laughing while your friends fall over in attempts to flaunt theirs, Nautique Wake and Surf Boats deliver a monster wake. Not only is the wake large, the boat is uniquely designed to craft a wake similar to a surf wake, making Nautique Wake Boats the best in their class.

In addition to Nautique’s remarkable wake functionality, the boats truly are a work of art. They are stunningly designed, visually and technically: visually, from the geometric patterns in the hull design, to the gorgeous interior and exterior finishes; technically, from their easy-to-control steering, to giant speakers and plenty of space. This boat will have your friends and family in awe, as you treat them to an experience that is full of wakeboarding excitement, while being luxuriously elegant at the same time.

Let’s be honest; sometimes, it just feels cool to go fast. Pretending you’re in an action movie race or dramatically putting on your sunglasses while cruising to The Who can be a pure serotonin rush. If you like watersports, waterskiing, tubing, or just speed in general, the Bowrider and Sport Boats will exceed your expectations. Pride Marine Group’s selection of Sea Ray and Chaparral boats are multi-functional, and feature the latest in technological design. They can include a BBQ, sleeping quarters, on-board bathroom, swim platforms, a luxury comfortable interior, huge inboard engines, and an extra sporty aesthetic. Not only will you feel like a movie star, you’ll look like one too.

Boaters with families will appreciate the spaciousness and functionality of our Avalon Pontoon Boats. These boats are stylish, sporty, and perfect to bring your family and friends on for activities like sightseeing tours. The boats are strong enough to pull a tube, so children (or children at heart) can enjoy bouncing around on the tube, while you give a tour of your neighbourhood. Avalon Pontoon boats also make for great swim platforms if you’d like to anchor in your favourite spot and enjoy the sun. With everything you need to enjoy a day out on the lake, as well as long-lasting, quality design, Avalon Pontoon Boats are full of opportunities to create life-long memories with your loved ones. 

A Day Boat or Centre Console is the right choice for boaters who aren’t afraid of rough conditions or hard work. Robalo boats thrive as movers. If you’re looking for a boat for hauling gear from the dock to the cottage or for doing a supply run, this is the boat for you. These boats are also ideal boats for fishing, or skipping across the lake to grab dinner with friends. These boats are easily handled and provide boaters with tremendous performance matched by a rugged hull design. Robalo boats are high-quality, functional, and reliable.

Finally, we arrive at bespoke boats. Pride Marine Group is proud to offer these masterfully crafted pieces of technology. Whether you’re choosing Chris Craft or Frauscher, you’re making an extravagant, lavish purchase you’ll be able to experience for a lifetime. These boats include exquisite interior finishes – often offering stainless steel and teak. If you’re someone who enjoys luxury, these boats are the way to go. These head-turning boats beautifully fuse a classic aesthetic with a modern twist, and state-of-the-art technology. 

As you can see, Pride Marine Group carries a boat (or two, or three, for that matter) for any boater. Right now, you can customize the boat of your dreams, with a guaranteed delivery of spring 2022. They work throughout all of Ontario, offering a variety of services for each part of the province.

So, what will the best part of your summer be?

When your little girl catches her first fish? When your wife winks at you from behind the grill? When your best friend takes a hilarious fall off the wakeboard? When your son finally nails that “cool flip” off the side of the boat? When you’re watching the sunset in the middle of the lake? When you take a hilarious fall off the wakeboard and hear your kids’ laughter? It’s up to you.

Whatever moment it may be, I hope it’s spent on the water, surrounded by loved ones, creating experiences in a place you call your own.