The Joy of Colour with Tiffany Pratt

A Conversation with Designer Tiffany Pratt

By Tara MacIntosh

Designer, author, and television personality Tiffany Pratt lights up every room with her electric personality. Tiffany is well known for her whimsical style and infusion of bright colour palettes in her designs. She believes colour is life’s energy, and extensive use of colour has become her brand. She recommends using a pop of rich red, vibrant blue or bright pink in your home to ensure you get a burst of positive energy throughout the day.

Tiffany infuses her love of colour into all of her projects, including restaurants and commercial spaces. Designing restaurants has become a passion for Tiffany, as she sees the commercial space as an opportunity to share her work with larger groups. When designing a restaurant, she finds beauty in objects others have tossed aside. Reusing or recycling items allows the opportunity to add to the existing story. Tiffany remarks, “Design is about creating a conversation. It is about feeding your soul and being playful. Have fun with colours and shapes by allowing yourself to think differently.”

When working on a design project, Tiffany is passionate about the evolution of a space. She works with the room to bring it to life, as can be seen on the popular HGTV shows Home To Win and Buy It, Fix It, Sell It. She loves to reimagine how space can be redesigned or rearranged creating a fresh look. Tiffany comments, “Every space has a soul. The soul of the space speaks to me. It is my job to marry what is already there with my client’s vision, and, of course, add some magic to spark the imagination.”

Tiffany launched a home furniture line in Spring 2019. Her line, in partnership with Silva, inspires homeowners to infuse vibrant tones, joy, and love into their world in the form of mirrors, throw pillows, and unique furniture pieces. Enhance your mood by adding pieces that are artful, engaging, and irregular shapes. These unique designs are meant to create a positive environment for the homeowner to enjoy for enjoyment’s sake. Tiffany says, “Be bold, be different, experience the joy of a heart-shaped pillow! When a homeowner purchases a home, something in the home makes the buyer fall instantly in love. Follow your heart and choose decor that represents who you are. Your home is your safe place where you go to relax and recharge.” Tiffany’s home line was built to be modular, allowing the homeowner to rearrange pieces for different moods, settings, or occasions.

Ask yourself, what makes you happy, and what do you love? Tiffany helps her clients get clear on the answers to these questions. Once you know what makes you happy, you are able to design a space that sparks bliss. Tiffany remarks, “A colour story emerges in every project and becomes an important part of the design. When you discover the colours that make you smile, use them to create an environment that will energize you.” Fill the home with pieces that warm your soul; you deserve it!