Maximize Your Outdoor Spaces with Phantom Screens

It’s Time for Outdoor Enjoyment

Outdoor Living on the Rise

Outdoor living has become the norm in today’s home design. Seamlessly blending outdoor and indoor spaces allows homeowners to maximize time spent in the fresh, outdoor air while still enjoying the conveniences their home has to offer. Outdoor kitchens, pool-side patios and decks become much more versatile and practical spaces when they can be utilized well into the evening hours without worry about insects ruining the ambiance.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Phantom Screens provides homeowners with an ideal way to extend living space to the outdoors. Phantom’s motorized screens provide insect protection and solar shading without blocking views. Designed to prevent insects from entering indoor and outdoor living spaces, Phantom Screens’ motorized screens provide shade from the direct glare of sunlight while allowing enhanced privacy. These motorized screen solutions appear at the touch of a button — and retract out of sight when not needed.

Both Beauty and Ease of Use

Stouffville resident Maggie Pittaway has found that her motorized screens by Phantom add tremendous enjoyment and usability to her backyard. “We often spend warm evenings with friends in the community socializing,” explains Pittaway. “When it starts to get dark – regardless of what home we started at – the group always ends up moving over to our enclosed porch room. This way we can still enjoy being outdoors, but are not bothered by bugs.”

Additionally, Phantom’s motorized screens are so easy to use, and don’t need to be removed or put into storage like traditional screening materials. “It’s a treat that we don’t have to worry about what to do with our screens for the winter,” remarked Pittaway. “I’ve found taking care of our screens to be almost effortless.”

The Clear Choice

Phantom Screens recently launched a clear vinyl alternative for motorized screens, turning outdoor living and dining spaces into a pest-free oasis which is protected from wind, rain – even sleet. Clear vinyl walls create the perfect transitional living space to entertain your guests throughout the year. Suited to all weather conditions, retractable vinyl is designed to keep warmth in during the colder months and retain cool air during the summer. This allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor living spaces year-round, without sacrificing their views to the outside.

Vinyl screens can be added by themselves, or as part of a dual roller system that lets you choose between the clear vinyl and one of our other mesh options such as insect and solar mesh. Lower the insect mesh during the day to keep flying pests away, then switch to vinyl as the sun sets to keep the chill out while dining.

Thinking of making a significant investment on a sunroom addition or great room space? Phantom Screens are a much easier option. Enclose your pre-existing spaces instead, such as roof decks or patios, using Phantom Screens’ motorized screens and avoid building new walls or enduring grueling renovations.

So don’t limit your time outdoors. Enjoy your home even more with motorized screens from Phantom Screens.

Holly Attfield is an architectural technologist and project manager with Ontario Screen Systems Inc., Ontario’s distributor of Phantom Screens. For more information, visit or call 1-888-PHANTOM.