Interview with Designer and Media Personality Ramsin Khachi

The Ramsin Khachi Interview: Design for Life

Ramsin Khachi is the principle & forefront of his custom Design + Build Company, KHACHI DESIGN GROUP. With over 30 years of experience, Khachi is a prominent media personality whose influence is seen in his bespoke renovations, commercial spaces and creative custom builds.

Q: What do you enjoy most about helping people realize the dreams they have for a custom home or even a home renovation?

RK: I always say to my clients; “tell me what the problems are and let me produce the solutions for you.” I love understanding people’s lifestyle, wants and needs and then creating spaces that serve that ultimate purpose for them. The goal is to get it perfect every time so that their satisfaction becomes my pleasure.

Q: Khachi Design Group promises, “All projects are done as a group collective, where originality, innovation, and creativity are the main focus.” Could you tell me a bit about your team and how you work together?

RK: At Khachi we always work as a team. Every member of our team offers something unique. I may act as the lead on every project, but their individual inputs are vital to a wellrounded and meticulous design. Every member of the team is of equal importance. Even when working with our partners such as our Architect, Christopher Simmons, it is vital to have a clear understanding of his visions so that our work can complement and enhance the overall design and maintain the continuity that is critical in producing comprehensive results.

Q: What has been your favourite project you’ve worked on during your career as a designer?

RK: It’s hard to pick one. I have done so many; from makeovers of existing homes to new builds to office or retail spaces. If I had to pick one, it would be the construction of Marilyn Denis’ house. The goal was to create the perfect forever home for her. I put so much time into every detail of her home where she gave me total creative control of the design and the build. The end results were outstanding and to this day, every time I go over, we stand there and look around and we both think the same thing; it’s impeccably beautiful.

Q: As a popular television personality and a design expert on The Marilyn Denis Show, what do you enjoy most about the media and being able to reach such a large audience?

RK: I love what I do. So much so that I love to shout it out. The media is the perfect forum for me to bring what I know, see and create to the general public. There’s also the aspect of teaching, which I also love. Not everyone can afford some of the creations we produce, I like to bring those thought processes to the viewers to teach them sensible design lessons and proper construction techniques so that they too can produce fabulous spaces for themselves.

Q: How do you incorporate technology and innovation into your custom designs and how does it impact your projects?

RK: I’m a techie, always have been. I’m also a solution guy. Using technology, not only in the way of electronic tech but also construction tech, allows me to come up with some of the greatest solutions for my clients. We don’t necessarily have a common look to our projects; however, I have heard it said that our projects have a detailed technological excellence to them. As they often say, the devil is in the details – that is so true.

Q: How often do you redesign or renovate your own spaces?

RK: When I create a space for myself, I tend to enjoy it for several years without changing it. I do make improvements over time, but I don’t change it. If I must change it, then I didn’t design it or build it right. What prompts the need to change a space is a change to one’s lifestyle. That is where I am today; my partner has two young children. That type of lifestyle change requires me to rethink my living space. The new home I design will have to meet our collective lifestyles, both mine and hers and our children.

Q: Customization is a luxury that most people desire, to stand apart and own something unique. What is your process when you work with clients in terms of developing this vision?

RK: The word “custom” should not be thrown around casually. Everyone can claim to produce a custom product but not all can truly deliver what “custom” really stands for. To me, custom means; understand the clients’ true needs from both an esthetic and lifestyle perspective, and then dream big to create something so unique that it cannot be found on any shelf anywhere. We often must manufacture or fabricate many of the components of our designs, from unique metal details to one of-a-kind millwork fabrications to very distinct artful creations.

Q: You’ve been at this for over 30 years. That’s an impressive journey. How many rooms, homes, spaces do you think you’ve worked on? I imagine it’s quite the fingerprint on several communities.

RK: I have worked on more projects than I can count. From small to large, from commercial to residential, from new builds to decorating and even product designs and tradeshow booths. I have designed spaces for clients all over North America. For regular people like myself and for some very famous and discerning individuals. It doesn’t matter to me; every project is as important as any other and every client deserves the same care and attention to detail. The result is the same, a space that is well thought out and put together with meticulous detail.

Q: As a seasoned “public speaker, educator and product specialist [who] shares his depth of knowledge to both motivate and inspire his community,” I was hoping you could talk a bit about community, and how important it is to you.

RK: I find that over the last decade, community has become more and more important to me. I have lived most of my adult life in Oakville and I love this town. At Khachi we love to get involved in community events and offer our services such as decorating the Town square Christmas tree or hosting the summer festivals. It’s such a pleasure to be involved. I hope that with the new Lakeshore reconstruction project, the BIA will do even more community events so that we can continue to offer our time, our ideas and our assistance in helping our community come together.

Q: Is there any project that stands out to you, that holds a special place in your heart?

RK: If I had to pick a project that really sits above all else, it would have to be the rooms I do for children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It is a feeling that cannot be put into words; creating a dream room for a child that should never be going through what they are going through. Sitting with them and listening to their whimsical ideas of their dream space, observing their imagination and witnessing their pure innocence. Then to be able to deliver those dreams so that they can have a space that allows them to forget their troubles and ailments, be it for just moments at a time, is simply the most gratifying. I’ve created an outdoor winter wonderland for a little girl, a Tron room for a little boy, numerous princess rooms and even a fun colourful whimsical room with circular shelves for another little girl and more. Being a father myself and loving children makes it even more real for me.

Q: What is on the horizon for your brand and your Design + Build Company?

RK: The Khachi brand includes our Design, Build and Decorating services; STONE LAB, our Stone and Quartz fabrication and installation services; KHACHILIFE, our online lifestyle magazine; and our newest venture where we will be designing and fabricating luxury metal and wood vanities under the Khachi Brand to be sold in retail bath stores. What I foresee in our horizon is an increase in our custom new builds. The bar for a true custom home is set quite high and rightfully so. I know that with our talents, knowledge, and years of experience, we will meet and exceed the demands of a true custom build project. I look forward to working with clients in creating ultimate spaces that they can call their dream home.