Interior Designer Spotlight

Design is an Expression of the Heart

By Tara MacIntosh

What does interior design mean to you? Interior design is as personal as your favourite colour. As consumers, we look for inspiration from the best in the business to help make our spaces beautiful, functional, and a reflection of our values. The concept of interior design has been described in many different ways. We explored this concept with a fascinating group of exceptionally talented Designers and Interior Decor specialists. These distinguished interior designers pour their heart and soul into their projects, making each one unique and representative of their signature styles. When you love what you do, the results are undeniable.

Tiffany Pratt

One word that describes designer and artist Tiffany Pratt is vibrant! You can’t look at Tiffany’s designs without returning to your childhood sense of wonder regarding art, colour, and good old fashion fun.

Starting out in New York City, Tiffany worked in fashion and learned the inner workings of running a business. After ten years, Tiffany wanted to share her love of art with a broader audience, so she opened her successful Toronto-based business Glitter Pie. Glitter Pie allowed art lovers of all ages to create and play in her sparkly studio. This business venture allowed Tiffany to expand her knowledge of product distribution and manufacturing. Tiffany remarks, “I learned so much from both my NYC experience in fashion and running Glitter Pie. I am not a formally trained designer, so I tend to experiment with colour, texture, and ideas more than most. I feel fortunate to share my excitement for art and design with many beautiful souls.”

Tiffany’s career in interior design began to soar when a friend asked her to design her home. With delight, Tiffany took on the project, inserting her whimsical sense of style in each room. A Toronto Life photographer saw the result and featured the colourful designs in the Small Spaces section of the magazine. After this exposure, her refreshing new take on design was in demand.

As her career grew, television opportunities began to present themselves. Tiffany has appeared on HGTV’s Home To Win and Buy It, Fix It, Sell It with additional opportunities on the horizon. Tiffany says, “TV shows allow me to show people what is possible on a larger scale. I have become known as the designer who does things differently – I represent people who are slightly left of centre and who think outside the box.” Tiffany is excited to continue to bring joy to others through her love of colour, her playful approach to design, and of course, a sprinkle of glitter.

Q&A with Tiffany Pratt

What excites you about interior design?

I love to reuse and reimagine pieces within a space

What is your biggest lesson?

Each home has a story; you have to recognize and honour the story.

What do you love about colour?

Colour enhances your mood and makes your smile! |

Amanda Aerin

Designer Amanda Aerin transforms living spaces with her refined touch. She remarks, “You never have to sacrifice style – 500 square feet can be 500 square feet of fabulous!” When designing in a smaller living space, de-cluttering is the key to achieving a pristine look. Being deliberate in your choices adds purpose and value to each piece. Always discuss your priorities with your designer to ensure the furnishings, lighting, and decor complement your lifestyle. Incorporating your personality is what makes a house a home.

Amanda’s client requested a chic space to entertain up to six guests comfortably. The colour palette consisted of black, white, and gold with blush accents. Using textured wallpaper, patterned rugs, and bold furnishings, Amanda created a Chanel-inspired look with a clear separation between the bath, living, dining, and bedroom. Cabinets and shelving were used to cover wires, and decorative boxes were strategically placed to hold mail and magazines.

Varying the size of your furnishings will create visual interest. Amanda comments, “In this case, we used full-size furniture, drapery, and dramatic lighting. Larger pieces add height and function as an anchor. Lighting is so important for ambiance; chandeliers infuse elegance and grandeur – and to that, I say yes!” Adding a statement piece, like the blue velvet sofa, breaks up the colour scheme, and floating the sofa away from the wall creates the illusion of volume. This design technique provides the opportunity to insert a small table against the wall removing TV remotes, drinks, and other little goodies from the line of sight. Amanda’s sophisticated decor reminds us every home deserves to be celebrated – big or small.

Q&A with Amanda Aerin

When designing for a small space what is your best design tip?

Use vertical pieces to draw the eye up.

What is your biggest take away?

You don’t have to sacrifice style in a small space.

What is the biggest mistake you can make as a designer?

Measure, measure, measure! Furniture has to fit through the door. | | 416-629-3366

Lionsgate Design

Tina Marie Singh, the founder of Lionsgate Design Inc., built her company on fierce determination and a passion for luxury interior design. Ten years ago, she decided to leave a successful corporate career to embrace her love of luxury decor. Her defining project was designing a 10,000 square foot luxury property in Toronto. With a vivacious attitude, she designed the entire home, including furnishings. Once complete, the home was move-in ready, and Tina never looked back.

Lionsgate Design Inc. has earned a stellar reputation for delivering an impeccable customer experience. Tina remarks, “From the moment my client enters the showroom, it is about their vision, personality, and lifestyle. They can sit back and relax, knowing they are in good hands.” As a result, Lionsgate Design Inc. has won several awards, including Platinum and Diamond Mississauga Reader’s Choice, Top Choice Best Interior Design and Decor Company three years running, and two Consumer Choice Awards for Best Interior Design Company.

Tina’s secret to success is her ability to listen to her clients. She comments, “When I meet a client, I listen. It is so important to listen to what the client wants and reflect their vision. Meeting or exceeding my clients’ expectations is a top priority.” Tina approaches design as a storyteller. She incorporates custom pieces that represent the story she wants the home to tell. The ultimate goal is to have the home speak to the homeowner.

Tina is passionate about helping new designers live their dream. She invites up-and-coming interior designers to use her space and showroom, providing the opportunity to operate in a professional environment. Tina embraces the role of mentor to young designers sharing insights into all aspects of the business. After ten years of well-deserved success, giving back to the design community is equally as rewarding.

Q&A with Tina Marie Singh

What is your passion?

Luxury Spaces.

How do you describe your style?

Storytelling with design.

What’s your dream project?

I’d love to design a boutique hotel.

Now offering Virtual Design Advice, Conceptual E-Design, and a Full-Service Luxury Design Experience! | | 905-822-9998

Lavish Design

As a young girl, Suzi Kaloti, CEO of Lavish, could always be found with pencils and a drawing pad in hand. As an artistic-minded child, she loved dressing up and experimenting with design, colour, and shapes. Suzi would spend hours drawing people, interior spaces, and fashion. Her career in interior design was a natural fit.

Lavish offers both design and custom builds. Lavish began as a small family business and has grown exponentially. Suzi comments, “From day one we have been true to our vision and continue to put our family values and innovative spirit at the forefront of everything we do.”

This luxury brand is elegant yet approachable as the design must be functional and reflect the client’s lifestyle needs. The exquisite designs offer a level of sophistication and beauty that truly takes your breath away. From custom builds to luxury finishes to opulent furnishings, a breathtaking interior is what Suzi is most passionate about. Bringing her client’s dream space to life is her greatest reward.

When working with a client, the design is born from a combination of their expressed needs and desires. Once the entire scope of the project is confirmed, a team of architects, designers, and engineers will present a schedule, including estimated costs and a plan of action from beginning to completion. Any required building permits will be secured prior to the building start date.

Lavish takes pride in offering the latest in innovative design trends. When asked what Suzi loves most about her work, she remarks, “Seeing my clients enjoy the spaces I have created for them and making their lives better and happier.”

Q&A with Suzi Kaloti

What do you love about design and building?

Designing spaces that people will love and enjoy.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

Creating breathtaking interiors out of nothing.

What is your dream job?

A job that gives me the flexibility to bring all my ideas to life. | | 647-812-0470

Anderson’s Interiors

Andersons Interiors has enjoyed success since 1964. Having started in the carpet business, the company has grown into a luxury interior decorating enterprise serving the GTA market. Jim Anderson, Owner of Andersons Interiors, comments, “We provide the complete decorating experience for our luxury clients from paint colour to area rugs to window dressings to reupholster and custom furnishings. With the help of our head decorator, Marguerite Harrison, we combine beauty and functionality for exceptional living.”

Luxury living must accommodate functionality to be effective. Andersons Interiors provide exceptional decor representative of the lifestyle and personality of the family. The experienced staff work with clients who value luxury furnishings and appreciate custom statement pieces. Often hired to create a look for an entire home, each room is given individual consideration within the broader context.

Stepping into the 10,000-squarefoot showroom is an awe-inspiring experience. The lavish displays are mind-blowing. Hours can be spent admiring every square inch of the tasteful decor options. As a client, each elegant piece will be designed with value, utility, and beauty in mind. The client and decorator work collaboratively at every step, including design, fabric selection, and placement in the home. The experts are there to guide and advise throughout the entire process.

Andersons Interiors has begun an initiative, The Collective, to work collaboratively with the design community. Custom-designed pieces can be acquired through a list of trusted partners. Building trust and a long-lasting relationship is always a priority. Jim comments, “Our goal, every time, is to deliver a luxury service that the homeowner can be proud of.”

Q&A with the Anderson’s Interiors Design Team

How have you stayed in business since 1964?

Agility – we change with the times and deliver what our clients need.

What is your biggest strength?

Creating custom pieces.

How do you WOW your clients?

Our 10,000-square-foot showroom! It blows our clients! | 905-639-0666

Elizabeth Interiors

Adding heart to the design process is an essential part of working with Elizabeth Interiors. Elizabeth Law, founder of Elizabeth Interiors, remarks, “I like to incorporate something significant that reflects a sense of permanence to the client and to their family. Adding a special piece changes the look from staged or designed to a look that has heart – and that is everything.”

When designing a home, the Elizabeth Interior designers incorporate input from the homeowner into the overall look, so the end product reflects the taste and style of the client. The experienced designers create exceptional interior decor while encouraging the homeowner to incorporate unique statement pieces.

Elizabeth Interiors show appreciation to their clients with exclusive client events. Client events showcase new product offerings from their list of design partners. Design partners are vetted, qualified, and talented designers that have something unique to offer. Elizabeth Interiors source published designers who contribute unique pieces to the design world in all price points.

Visit the 30,000-square-foot flagship store in Burlington where you can browse the displays for inspiration. Elizabeth Interiors is described as affordable luxury for clients who are redesigning their homes to include old, new, and statement pieces. The Liz at Home brand is where clients will discover pieces suited for a more casual lifestyle. Many valued clients have summer homes or a pied-à-terre containing a mix of furnishings from both brands.

Elizabeth Interiors has been part of the Burlington community for over thirty years, contributing to the growth of the city through both charitable ventures and helping their clients create beautiful homes they can be proud of.

Q&A with the Elizabeth Interiors Team

What do you love about Interior Design?

Adding a touch of the unexpected.

What makes you different?

We provide a VIP client experience, so they feel they are surrounded
with what they love.

How do you describe your style?

We always consider and incorporate our clients’ tastes and lifestyles into the design. | 905-333-6670