Jewellery Designer Annamaria Cammilli

The Spirit of Nature

By Tara MacIntosh

Annamaria Cammilli, born and raised in historic Florence, Italy, was captivated with the artistry of the Renaissance city at a young age. Falling in love with the grace of sculpting and painting, Annamaria combined shapes and textures found in nature into her innovative works of art. After meeting her husband, a goldsmith by profession, she expanded her art and unique artistic perspective into the world of jewellery design.

Annamaria Cammilli Maison was born in 1983, quickly gaining a reputation for innovative design on the international stage. Annamaria Cammilli collections continue to be greatly inspired by nature. The movement and beauty of elements in nature are at the centre of her four unforgettable collections which embody naturally occurring shapes:

TEXTURE threads the connection between the earth and the sky. This collection is for the playful at heart.
VISION embodies the sensual movement of water. Each piece in this collection is designed with sophistication and elegance.
FLOWERS gives life to the beauty of florals. The flowing lines and the romantic vibe of this collection capture every woman’s heart.
ESSENTIAL is inspired by the Earth. Dune, the best-selling collection, mimics the movement of desert dunes. This collection adds a touch of glamour to your casual wear.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the bestselling piece, Dune ring 914, from the Essential collection. This ring, embellished with precious diamonds, celebrates the timeless beauty of the Maison and on the foundation it stands. The irregular curves of Dune ring 914 capture the mystery and beauty of the desert shapes. This marvellous piece continues to spark the imaginations of all those who lay eyes on it.

The Maison is recognized by eight nuances of gold, unique to Annamaria Cammilli’s design, resulting from years of continuous research. Each woman can express her individuality by selecting amongst eight colours of 18 karat gold, ensuring their ring is as personal and unique as they are. The variations in gold include classic yellow gold, orange apricot, pink champagne, natural beige, white ice, chocolate brown, and black lava. You may select the perfect colour to suit your skin tone, hair colour, or personal preferences.

Each piece of Cammilli’s jewellery is completed with Annamaria Cammilli Designs’ secret finish that combines matte and shiny aspects through the time-honoured lost-wax casting technique. This unique technique offers an alternative to the traditional silky and shiny effect. Lost-wax casting, employed by expert goldsmiths, turns each Annamaria Cammilli piece into a mini-sculpted masterpiece.

Each collection is made 100 per cent in Italy by the Annamaria Cammilli Maison. The innovative jewellery collections are recognized worldwide for their unique qualities and unmistakable beauty. Well known for combining trends with the latest design technology, everyone is sure to find the piece that lights up their heart.

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